1. Send your request to use the EDA to DMA Administrative Manager Sanghong Lintakoon at sanghong@arts.ucla.edu a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your proposed event.
  2. Please include the following information in your email request:
  3. Once an email request is received, Sanghong Lintakoon will review the DMA master calendar with DMA Events Coordinator Brenda Williams to make sure there are no scheduling conflicts.
  4. If the dates are available, Sanghong Lintakoon will forward your request to EDA Supervisor Gareth Walsh for his review. At this point, you will likely be asked for more detailed information regarding the proposed event.
  5. Gareth Walsh will review the scope, feasibility and staffing availability for the proposed event. Any questions or concerns will be shared with you at that time.
  6. If all seems clear and OK, Sanghong Lintakoon will contact you to approve the event, and it is then -- only then -- the event will get scheduled on the DMA master calendar by Brenda Williams.

While all requests will be considered as quickly as possible, you can generally expect to hear from us within 2-3 weeks after submitting your request. Thank you for your patience.


Use of the upper level in the EDA for end of the quarter class exhibitions is restricted to exam week only (week 11). Class EDA requests for exam week received by Sanghong Lintakoon by the end of week 5 will receive booking priority. Maximum time allowed for installation and de-installation of class exhibitions will be 12 hrs. Classes using the immersive projection and/or surround sound system can reserve the lower level if available.

Mid-quarter class use of the EDA. Requests should be received by end of week 2.


All graduate solo shows must be contained in the upper graduate gallery.