Canon 7D Basics

The Start / Stop button located in upper right of the Canon 7D will allows toggling between Image / Video modes.

Video Recording

- use Start/Stop button to record video
- Video is captured in full 1080p, at either 24, 25, or 30 fps. If resolutions is lowered to 720p or 640x480, you can record at 50 or 60 fps.
- Video clips are limited to 12 minutes in length (due to file size limitations)
- Manual exposure is available in video recording
- You can use the external mic input to plug in our Rode microphones (also available for checkout)

Reviewing Photos and Footage

- Press the Play button to Toggle through photos and videos, Use the Wheel to cycle through them
- To delete an item, hit the Trash icon


- The RAW/JPEG button located directly to the left of the viewfinder allows switching between JPEG format, or the more tech-savvy RAW (digital negative) format.
- The RAW photos are saved as CR2 files. You'll be able to manipulate the RAW file in Photoshop.