Canon T2i Basics


To select between picture/video modes, use the wheel on top of the camera. (A-DEP = Automatic, M = Manual, Movie Symbol = Video)


  • Make sure that the lens on the camera is switched to manual or automatic, depending on your what you prefer.
  • On the camera menu, you may choose between multiple camera settings. Know that JPEG will open in most all programs, while RAW will need Adobe Photoshop to open and edit.


  • Use Start/Stop button to record video (next to the viewfinder)
  • Video is captured in full 1080p, at either 24, 25, or 30 fps. If resolutions is lowered to 720p or 640x480, you can record at 50 or 60 fps. Note that 24 frames a second will look smooth and more movie-like.
  • Single video clips are limited to 12 minutes in length.
  • The camera might overheat due to long use and flash a warning. Turn it off and let it cool before continuing.
  • Any settings left on automatic (exposure, focus) will become jumpy when recording video. It is suggested to use manual settings when actually recording.
  • You can use the external mic input to plug in our Rode microphones (also available for checkout). *Note that the audio from the camera alone is not very good.

    Reviewing Photos and Footage

  • Press the Play button in the blue box to toggle through photos and videos. Use the arrows and SET button to select Play.
  • To delete an item, hit the Trash icon

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