For download instructions, please visit here

For installation instructions, please visit here


In the fields, enter your access information into the provided fields. the hostname is

your username is the username you set up with D|MA and password is the login password you use to log into the machines at D|MA


Make sure you have the protocol set on SFTP and then press login (you may also save the information so you never have to enter it again)

A prompt will ask you some information which is really not so important, just press yes

Once you log in, you will be in your own personal root directory where you can access your public_html folder which is accessible via the web as well as personal storage

To access the Temp drive, click on the drop down directory tab and click on root /

In the root directory, click on data folder

In the data folder, click on the export folder

In the export folder, click on temp folder

you are now in temp

end of line