Blu-Ray Disk Directions


PC (not tried on mac, assume it is the same)

If you figure out better ways to do this let me know.

You need a blu-ray burner, the school has one.

We use Play Stations to play the discs, school has a bunch

Make an anim compressed version of animation, or use footage from camera. Please note, animation will not look as good as it did playing off the computer because of interlacing (1080i) and compression. I find it acceptable though. I imagine footage shot from a camera might look the same since that is already interlaced and compressed.

Start Adobe Encore

Choose New Project

Name it

Save it to a new location, hit browse

Authoring Mode blu-ray

Codec H.264

Dimensions 1920x1080

Advanced tab

Automatic Transcoding -> Maximum Audio/Video Bitrate 40.0 Mbps

(These can be changed later with File -> Project Settings...)

File -> Import As -> Asset...     select your footage

Project Tab

Timeline -> New Timeline

name it, right mouse key over Untitled Timeline, Rename...

Drag and drop the footage onto the timeline, you may want to repeat this until it is over an hour, if you make it shorter you may see a loop arrow on your player when it gets to the end. You can zoom out the timeline in the lower left corner.

Don't worry if there is black bars on the sides of the movie, they won't be there when you make the movie if your footage was 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Choose the timeline from the Project tab

Under the properties tab on the right you may want to set looping:

End Action: Make the same name as the timeline chapter 1

Menu Remote: Make the same name as the timeline chapter 1

Choose the background of the Project Window to bring up Properties for the disc.

Under the properties tab on the right

Title Button: Stop

Select your video clip

Right mouse key to bring up Transcode Settings...

Codec: H.264

Dimension: 1920x1080

Quality Preset: 1920x1080i 29.97 Maximum Quality H.264

Select Use Maximum Render Quality


File Save

Choose Build tab on the left

You can use Check Project,

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