About the Fabrication and Electronics Lab

The fabrication and electronics labs provide students and faculty with physical computing and fabrication resources. Located in room 2250 on the second floor of the Broad Art Center at UCLA, the fabrication lab facilitates physical construction across several different media, including wood, metal, and plastics. In addition to traditional manual and powered fabrication equipment, such as table saws, drills, routers, and sanders, the fabrication lab features a growing collection of computer-aided milling and rapid-prototyping facilities.

The adjacent electronics lab supports research and development for projects utilizing physical computing with the goal to move away from standard computer interfaces such as monitors and keyboards. The lab provides electronics fabrication resources, including soldering equipment, power supplies, multimeters, oscilloscopes, basic components, and micro controllers. Additionally, the electronics lab functions as a communal site for sharing and documenting physical computing experiments.

See some examples of projects created in the Fabrication and Electronics Lab at our Vimeo channel.

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