Lab Resources

The Fabrication Lab has a variety of hand and electric tools for working with soft materials like plastic and wood. A few tools are also available for working with some metals. See a detailed list of tools available on our page about Fabrication Lab equipment. The lab provides some basic consumable items, such as fasteners, glue, and safety supplies. There are a few sheet materials available for purchase.

The Electronics Lab has tools for prototyping physical computing electronic circuits and hacking existing devices. We have a variety of electronic components for testing and building purposes.

The Fabrication Lab also is home to a 60 watt laser cutter which we offer to the campus community as a laser cutting service. Also see our page with laser cutter resources.

Adjacent¬†to the Electronics Lab are two project and installation spaces which are available for DMA graduate student use on a checkout basis. The 29′ by 18′ rooms have power, networking, and ceiling scaffolding for setting up room size installations.

The Los Angeles area has fantastic resources for supplies, materials, and equipment. We keep of list here of some of the local vendors and suppliers.

Also see the list of online vendors for websites we order from and our list of online resources for fab lab related tools.