New Account Activation

New Accounts

Accounts for the Design | Media Arts labs are automatically generated for qualifying students. You may already have an account if:
  • You are a Design | Media Arts major
  • You are taking a Design | Media Arts class this quarter
  • You have applied for and been granted Special Access to the labs

If you do meet the above criteria and an account has not yet been created for you see the helpdesk. If you do not meet the criteria and would like to use the DMA labs you must obtain special permission from the management

Manage your UCLA Logon / BOL ID

You MUST already have a UCLA Logon ID (formerly BOL ID) before you can have a D|MA account.

Go to to create a new UCLA Logon / BOL ID or look up a forgotten username

Activate your D|MA Account

If you meet the above criteria and have a UCLA Logon ID for at least a day, you can use this form to set your D|MA password for the first time