Software List

Lab Computers

  • This Software List is our roster of standard programs that you can find on the DMA Lab computers. You can also use this list to see what is available on Windows and Macintosh operating systems. For more detailed information on our software offerings, or to request software, contact us.
  • We stock the following software:
  • Software Name Windows? Macintosh?
    7-Zip X
    Adobe Acrobat DC X X
    Adobe Creative Cloud Suite 2018 X X
    Adobe Lightroom X X
    Adobe Master Collection CS6 X X
    Arduino X X
    Arnold for Maya 2018 X X
    Audacity X X
    Autodesk 3ds Max 2017 X
    Autodesk Backburner 2017 X
    Autodesk Maya 2016 X X
    Autodesk Maya 2018 X X
    Autodesk MotionBuilder 2017 X
    Autodesk Mudbox 2017 X X
    Autodesk ReCap and ReCap Photo X
    Blender X X
    Brackets X X
    Cinema 4D X X
    Cyberduck X
    GarageBand X
    Google Chrome X X
    GoPro VR Player X X
    Internet Explorer X
    K-Lite Codec (ffmpeg) X
    Keynote X
    mentalray for Maya 2016 X X
    Meshmixer X
    Microsoft Office 2016 X X
    Microsoft Visual Studio X X
    Mozilla Firefox X X
    Nikon KeyMission Utility X X
    node.js X X
    Numbers X
    Open Broadcast Studio (OBS) X
    Pages X
    Pepakura Designer 3 X
    Processing X X
    PuTTY X
    Python 2.7 X X
    Quicktime Player X
    Rhinoceros 5 X
    RICOH Theta Player X X
    Safari X
    Sculptris X X
    SketchUp X X
    Slicer X X
    Spacial Media Metadata Injector X X
    Steam X X
    SteamVR and VIVE Software X
    TiltBrush VR X
    Unity X X
    VLC Media Player X X
    WinSCP X
    ZBrush 4R7 X X